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Dear Sirs I came across your website from internet that what encouraged me to write to you asking for a product list with all detailed technical information available to study the possibility of importing them to Syria.My company (Al Asil Office) is very experienced in marketing of veterinary products and feed additives .Our company was established in 1994 by my father Dr. Abdul Shakour Kari who was the Director of animal health in Syria from 1985-1995 and he had good experience in registration and marketing of veterinary products because registration and importation of veterinary products was part of his directorate activities.Now our company is working in trade of veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed stuffs and animals. There are many of your products that can be imported to Syria through our office.We worked with many companies inside and outside Syria .we imported from (TAD Lohmann Fatro neuva Norbrook) and we worked with (ARRIAH Russia Biove Farvet vetanco argentina) in tenders of (SAYDALAYA) the General Organization for trade in pharmaceuticals. And we are distributors of many companies inside Syria where we covered 15-20 of Syrian Market of veterinary pharmaceuticals and we are improving our work now.I would like to have detailed scientific information about your products in addition to expert prices.I hope that we will establish long-term beneficial business-relations with your company.Hoping to hear from you.


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Developer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader


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1. Medicines: Capsules, APIs


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