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Subject :- EXPORT OF PHARMACEUTICAL, HERBAL AND AYURVEDA BASED PRODUCTS.(Sexual Disability Products, Allopathic Pharmaceutical Sex Enhancer Products)Respected Sir,We at SHAKTI OILS & FATS is a fully supply oriented (Import/Export ) Company Associatewith a Leading Manufacturer,Processors and Exporters of Pharmaceutical, Herbal Ayurved Based Products and Sexual Disability Products like herbal Vagina Cream, Best sexual Disability Medicine for Males. [Super P-Force Tablets, ZHEWITRA - 20 mg. Tablets, Tadalafil 20 mg. Tablets, Herbs & Nature Remedy Medicine including Jesibi Cream and Volin (Sleeping Pills) etc. ] We have mainly Exports to various Countries in the Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, CIS Bangladesh, Philippians etc.? Now as an associate of an ISO:9001:2000 Certified premier Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company ofwith more than 27 years of Experience in Pharmaceutical Formulation.? Our associates have GMP Certified & W.H.O. Compliant Manufacturing Facility? The Plant Capacity is 2 million Vials per month with Project commencing full production in the year2001? Backed by 15 years of Rich Industry Experience? We offer a wide Range of High Quality Products, wide Range of Herbs & Natural Remedies :? Sexual Disability products? Allopathic Pharmaceutical Sex Enhancer Products? Herbal Products and Ayurvedic Specialty Preparation? Breast Enhancement and Treating Sexual Disability in Males? We desire to Associate with Reputed parties for marketing on very Attractive Terms.? We are also Interested for Joint Collaboration (JV) are prepared to manufacture tailor made product ofyour *, this is to Expand our sphere of activities we would like to develop our Business with yourCompany(Group). We have come to know that your Company requirement, so kindly let us know yourexact requirements by return Email : *, *Thank you in advance and sincerely hoping to highly appreciated to Build-up mutual Business relationshipwith you and establish market. we promise to fulfill our commitment and interested in jointly work.Awaiting your immediate reply in this regard.Best regards,RAJIV SHISHIR NAGAR.


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Developer, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader


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1. Medicines: Capsules


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