Best medicine treat piglet yellow white dysentery microbe lysozyme


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Type: Liquid microbe lysozyme ( Fermented lysozyme)

Main Ingredients: lysozyme, glycine, ASP




1. 8 hours effect in piglet'syellow-white dysentery, could see effect in eighthours, at the same time, do not have any influence on pigs' later growth.

2. No drug residues, No kidney, liver toxicity,

3. Prevention ( treatment ) various Epidemic diarrhea

4. Good at varous Drug resistant bacteria ( Escherichia coli,Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus etc.)


Liquid lysozyme for swine




Liquid lysozyme is a functional protein. It show many pharmacological effects such as antibiotic activity, antiviral effect, especially non-specific effect on drug-resistant bacteria. And it has effecton TGE and PED. Increase the repair after intestinal mucosa damaged. Shorten the cure time and increase the cure rate.




(1) Special effects for bacterial and also effect on viral diarrhea of swine.

(2) Greatly enhance animal immunity, Special effect for intractable diseases and unexplained disease.

(3) Nemesis of intractable diarrhea of herd; Purity the aquaculture environment; Reduce the resistance bacteria.




500ml per plastic bottle, 20 bottles per box.




Stored at room temperature for 12 months






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