Dextrose Monohydrate


General Product Information:

dextrose monohydrateFor further information or assistance ,pls contact us by email;cortec(a);Dextrose MonohydrateMolecularFormula:C6H12O6 Molecular Weight: 180.16CAS NO. 50-99-7Description(Dextrose Monohydrate Oral)None Color or Crystal White Fine Powder, Testing:Acidity 0.30 ml MAX Color of solution Comply with BP2000 Defecation of alcohol solution Comply with BP2000Chloride 0.018%MAXSulfate 0.02% MAX Soluble starch sulfites Comply with BP2000Water Content 7.5-9.5% Residue on ignition 0.1% MAXProtein Comply with BP2000Barium Comply with BP2000Calcium 0.01% MAXMolysite 0.0003% MAXHeavy Metals 5ppm MAXArsenic 0.0001%MAXColiforms NoneSalmonella NoneYeast 50/g MAXMoulds 10/g MAXAssay 99.95%


Industry:Pharmaceutical Industry
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