Piperacillin Sodium

General Product Information:

Product Name: Piperacillin SodiumCAS No.: 59703-84-3GMP Approved DMF Avaliable KFDA Approved Piperacillin Sodium (GMP & KFDA Approved, DMF Available)Appearance: white to off-white powderIdentification:1) The chromatogram in the assay, the retention time of the assay preparation exhibits a major peak corresponds to the standard preparation2) Positive to the tests for sodium3) PH: 5.5 ~ 7.54) Water: 1.0% max.5) Related compounds: a) Related compound A: 3.5% max. b) Related compound C: 1.0% max.6) Particulate matter: a) Particulate≥10μm, 3000part/g max. b) Particulate≥25μm, 500part/g max.7) Assay: 863μg/mg ~ 1007μg/mg8) Bacterial endotoxin: 0.07 USP EU/mg max.9) Sterility: meets the requirements


Industry:Pharmaceutical Industry
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Type:Selling Offer

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